Genuinely Lethal
stallion at stud

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    Genuinely Lethal - AQHA stallion at stud

    Genuinely Lethal stands at Black Cursive Performance horses

    Genuinely Lethal - Our Stallion at Stud

    Genuinely Lethal produces outstanding Western & English horses. 

    Registered AQHA, FQHA & FQHR.

    Approved APHA & ApHC 

    He stands at stud in Texas at Black Cursive Performance Horses.

    Fresh semen, frozen semen and live cover all available. 

    Proven Producer

    Genuinely Lethal has a proven record producing foals with outstanding minds. These foals are such willing partners they  quickly become permanent members of the family.

    Excellent Genetics - 5 panel negative

    Genuinely Lethal has produced many AQHA foals, but also has a long list of outstanding crosses with Paints, Appaloosas, Thoroughbreds and ponies. 

    He is 5 panel negative, and is not a carrier of the the Lethal White Overo gene.

    HYPP N/N - not a carrier

    HERDA N/N - not a carrier

    CEM N/N - not a carrier

    GBED N/N - not a carrier

    PSMM N/N - not a carrier

    LWO n/n - not a carrier

    EVA negative & vaccinated


    Genuinely Lethal - AQHA Stallion at stud

    Genuinely Lethal Breeding Notes

     Genuinely Lethal is best known for producing amateur friendly, easily trainable foals. His foals are level headed, forgiving, correct and lovely. He has produced elegant, but quiet minded sport horses that compete in English and Western events from reining and cutting to dressage and jumping. He has crossed well with Quarter Horses, Paints, Thoroughbreds and ponies.

    He is registered with AQHA, as well as both the Foundation Quarter Horse Registry and the Foundation Quarter Horse Association. He is also an American Paint Horse and Appaloosa Horse Club approved stallion. His bloodlines read like the who's who of foundation and sport lines including Genuine Doc, Docs Prescription as well as going back to King, Leo, Poco Bueno and Wimpy. 

    We have spent 20 years breeding dependable and competitive sport horses & sport ponies. This is why we chose Genuinely Lethal for our program after spending time with him and several of his foals. We chose him for his bombproof temperament, soundness, and ability to pass that along. The fact that he's also a knock out on looks gives him the entire package. When he's not attending to his breeding duties we use him to teach BEGINNER lessons, and he's our first choice for a friend on a trail ride who has never ridden before. His ability to pass on that quiet trainability is his strongest asset. If you're looking for a good mind while still being a lovely mover with the ability to be competitive in multiple disciplines Genuinely Lethal is your sire of choice.